Firefighter Functional Fitness Book

The Essential Guide To Optimal Fire Ground Performance

FOR SALE JULY 20, 2016

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Firefighter Functional Fitness Lessons Shared

  • Understand the history of health related LODDs in the American fire service.
  • Learn why firefighter functional fitness is so important, and learn HOW to achieve the best version of you.
  • Learn the 4 Pillars of Firefighter Functional Fitness
  • Get no-nonsense guidance on programming your functional fitness workouts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels
  • Learn "The Big 8" of functional physical fitness and why they are so important to firefighters.
  • Learn why recovery and rest, proper hydration, and sensible nutrition are so important to firefighters and how to improve in each area.
  • Get dozens of functional exercises that you can use to improve your fire ground performance.
  • Get valuable action steps in each chapter so you can begin making improvements immediately.



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